From Jessica Ware:  I want to thank Shannon Niemeyer and Tara Kreider for being helpful and sharing their event expertise with me. This assisted me in planning the Campus Campaign winner’s lunch catering with ease. A big thank you to Shannon and Tara!!

From Nicole Hernandez:  I want to thank Sue Beck for always being a problem solver and going out of her way to help OSUL faculty and staff! I was concerned about having to manually input the Research Commons events in two online places and Sue went to work to craft a solution. Inal Elbeyli and Jason Michel created a way for event information to automatically transfer from the Research Commons website to the main event page, so that I only have to input the information once! I want to thank Sue, Inal, and Jason for their innovation solution! This will absolutely make my life easier and I appreciate it very much!

From Tyler Osborne:  Victoria Schrock scanned 235 photos for the commemorative photo book for the sesquicentennial. This project took a significant amount of her time and was quite tedious. Tamar and I are very thankful for her dedication to the project.