Dan Noonan, OSUL’s digital preservation librarian, who edits the Journal of Archival Organization’s “Technology Matters in Archives” column, has recently published the second entry for that column, “Email” An Appraisal Approach” (Journal of Archival Organization, 13:3-4, 146-151, https://doi.org/10.1080/15332748.2018.1445607).

Additionally, since early 2017, Dan has Co-Chaired an EDUCAUSE Working Group that recently published “Research Data Curation: A Framework for an Institution-Wide Services Approach” (https://library.educause.edu/resources/2018/5/research-data-curation-a-framework-for-an-institution-wide-services-approach). Universities and colleges should consider an institution-wide approach to developing services for managing and curating research data. This paper identifies service areas and includes a framework for institutions to document current research data curation services and responsibilities. The publication is available to all EDUCAUSE members for one year, following which it made public. A full list of member institutions can be found at: https://members.educause.edu/.

For more information about this paper and EDUCAUSE Working Groups, contact WG@educause.edu