From Marcela Estevez:  Kudos to Molly Carlile and Brenda Goodwin; Head of Preservation and Reformatting, Emily Shaw; Digital Imaging Specialist, Amy McCrory, and students Annabel Pinkney and Danielle Demmerle, for coming together to provide conservation treatment for the drawings, many of them oversized, and a painting to be exhibited in the exhibit titled “Decoding the Religious Iconography of Pimen Sofronov” curated by M. A. “Pasha” Johnson, Hilandar Curator for Slavic Early Printed Books and Manuscripts. The completion of the high quality conservation treatments and their photographic documentation would not had been possible without the work of this team of skilled professionals and students.

From Kevlin Haire:  Thanks to Halle Mares quick thinking, a patron was spared a possible ticket from CampusParc for parking at the meter without having put more money into it. Halle sprang into action during lunch (!) when she saw from a staff lounge window that a CampusParc vehicle had shown up in our parking lot. She saw the light blinking at the meter where one of our regulars was parked, so she ran to tell him to pay for more time. She not only saved him a ticket, but she earned the Archives a donation from the patron, who was very grateful she had helped him avoid the infraction.

From Nicole Hernandez:  I want to recognize and thank Sharon Sadvari for the work she did creating a project management plan and organization system for the Research Services department. Sharon crafted the organization system for incoming projects, department meeting agendas, and project prioritization that the department uses regularly. The organization structure allows for clear communication pathways and easily identified action tasks for team members. Thank you Sharon for your organizational expertise!

From Jian Lee:  I would like to thank Dana DeRose for helping me to get access to the acquisition storage room. She was so patience with me every time I went to her for the key to the storage room. She even went out her way to find a spare key and put in a convenient place for me and anyone who needs it in the future! Thanks, Dana!