The work of several staff and student workers saw the completion of a significant project for the Geology Library and the Map Room at the Thompson Library.  A total of 15 staff members were recognized with spot bonuses for their work in adding 19,682 item records for maps to the collections in the Geology Library and Map Room. Completion of this project had many benefits, including giving a clearer picture of what is available in the map collections, enabling duplicate maps to be readily weeded, better preparing the maps for digitization projects, and making the items in the collection discoverable via our search tools.

Thanks and congratulations to Patti Dittoe, Jan Wagner, Terrill Jenkins, Courtney Wolford, Andersen Weaver, Jessie Tirpak, Devin Smigle, Nyna Sayarath, Alexandria Roberts, Allison Petro,  Mara Mason,  Carl Fischer, Devon Buchanan, Jovantae Brandon and Bitania Admasu.