From Sean Ferguson:  I want to thank Kevlin Haire and Matt Carmean for providing such welcoming and thorough tours of the Archives and Book Depository for myself, Harry Campbell, Marcela Estevez and Keiko Hill. We really appreciate their time and enthusiasm in sharing the sights and special aspects of their units with our staff mentorship group!

From Orie BolinMatt Kelley was very accommodating in helping out a patron who made a difficult journey to the library on a weekend for a specific item, only to discover the item is held in the depository.  We really appreciate his willingness to go above and beyond to make sure the patron’s request was fulfilled.  Thanks, Matt!

From Lisa Chiong:  When we got new computers in Rapid Reformatting, the scanner software needed to be tweaked on some of our workstations. Warren Buckey came to our office, took the time to investigate exactly what we needed and made sure it was installed and working correctly on each of the affected scanners. He also gave us a welcome tutorial on Windows 10. I really appreciate what Warren did for us; he really went the extra mile.