Location: First floor collaborative space, Prior Hall

Join us for the Quick Information Session on Wednesday, December 12 from noon-1:00pm in the first floor collaborative space behind the Desk:

“Treasures from the Medical Heritage Center”

Curators will be showcasing hidden treasures from the MHC collections. If you are curious about the services and artifacts that the Medical Heritage Center houses on the fifth floor of Prior Hall, this is a great opportunity to learn more!

Featured treasures will include

–          Swamp root cure

–          Dental cabinet (shown through images, not in person)

–          Jimmy Buffet eyewear

–          Bound human skull

–          Wax moulage and book

–          Suppository pill press

–          Newton’s Opticks (1704)

–          Nightingale’s Notes on Nursing (1860)

–          OSUWMC Service Board poster

–          Dr. Pavey Collection booklet