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Recent Acquisitions: Studia Ceranea, vols. 4 and 5

The Hilandar Research Library recently acquired five volumes of the journal Studia Ceranea from the Waldemar Ceran Research Centre for the History and Culture of the Mediterranean Area and South-East Europe at the University of Łódź, Poland. Below are the list of articles for volumes 5-6. See previous blog posting for the table of contents of vols. 1-3.

Series Ceranea, Vol. 2

We also received copies of volumes in Series Ceranea, e.g.,  Arystoksenos z Tarentu Harmonika by Anna Maciejewska (2015); and Palaea Historica: The Second Slavic Translation. Commentary and Text by Małgorzata Skowronek (2016).

Series Ceranea, Vol. 3

Studia Ceranea Vol. 5 (2015) includes articles and book reviews. The articles:

Ivan Biliarsky, “Marriage and Power (Images of Authority)” (9-32);

Zofia Brzozowska, “Wisdom Has Built Her House (Proverbs 9, 1‒6). The History of the Notion in Southern and Eastern Slavic Art in the 14th‒16th Centuries” (33-58);

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Festschrift for Predrag Matejic, Part 1


The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) and the Cyrillo-Methodian Research Centre (Sofia, Bulgaria) honored Predrag Matejic, Curator of the Hilandar Research Library and Director of the Resource Center for Medieval Slavic Studies, with а festschrift on the occasion of his 60th birthday (August 2, 2012) that spans issues 3 and 4 of volume 36 (2012) of the prestigious journal Palaeobulgarica/Старо-Българистика.

Image of the front cover of the volume of Palaeobulgarica

Festschrift to Predrag Matejic

Contents of Palaeobulgarica/Старо-Българистика 36.3 (2012):

Svetlana Kuiumdzhieva, “Приносът на д-р Предраг Матеич за развитието на славистиката и българистиката”/’The Contribution of Dr. Predrag Matejic to the Development of Slavistics and Bulgarian Studies,’ 3-10.

Klimentina Ivanova, “За календарните триодни сборници, писани в Хилендарския манастир”/’On the Panegyrical Triodia Written in Hilandar Monastery,’ 11-28.

Francis J. Thomson, “The July and August Volume of the Hilandar Menelogium,” 29-59.

Aksiniia Dzhurova, “За украсените в Blütenblattstil ръкописи от X век – евангелията Berat 4 и Vlorë 5 от Държавния архив в Тирана”/’About Two 10th-Century Manuscripts Illuminated in the ‘Blütenblatt’ Style: The Gospels Berat 4 and Vlorë 5 in the State Archives in Tirana, Albania,’ 60-82.

Svetlana Kuiumdzhieva, “По какъв осмогласник е пял св. Йоан Дамасин?”/’What Did the Book of the Octoechos that St. John Damascene Use Look Like?,’ 83-91.

Cynthia M. Vakareliyska, “Archaic Constantinople Typikon Commemorations in the Menelogion to Apostolus Dečani-Crkolez №2,” 92-103.

Mariyana Tsibranska-Kostova, “Ленгендарната история на Света гора в един печатен апокриф от Венеци (1571–1572)”/’The Legendary History of the Holy Mount in One Printed Apocrypha from Venice (1571-1572),’ 104-124.