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Transylvanian Review / Revue de Transylvanie

The OSU Libraries East European and Slavic Studies department recently received copies of the most recent six issues of Revue de TransylvanieTransylvanian Review, volumes 24.3-4 (2015) and  25 (2016), from the Biblioteca Centrală Universitară “Lucian Blaga” Cluj-Napoca. The journal is published by the Center for Transylvanian Studies of the Romanian Academy, and is indexed in the Web of Science Database.

The journal includes book reviews, essays, and articles on healthcare, history, literature linguistics, minorities, music (especially Jazz), religion, and other topics in the humanities and the social sciences ranging from medieval times to contemporary life. There are several articles that may be of interest specifically to ScriptoriaSlavica readers:

Simona Gabriela Bungău and Viorel-Cristian Popa, “Between Religion and Science: Some Aspects Concerning Illness and Healing in Antiquity,” Transylvanian Review 24.3 (Autumn 2015): 3-18.

Florian Dumitru Soporan and Liana Lăpădatu, “La révolution hussite et l’affirmation du voïvodat de Transylvanie dans le contexte de la croisade tardive: Tangences et spécificités,” Transylvanian Review 24.3 (Autumn 2015): 98-112.

Keywords: Hussite revolution, Voivodship of Transylvania, Late Crusade

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Recent Acquisition: Kirilo-Metodievski Studii 21


Newly arrived:

Image of the front cover of the journal Kirilo-Metodievski Studii volume 21

Festschrift to Heinz Miklas

Kirilo-Metodievski Studii 21, which is a festschrift to Heinz Miklas.

Edited by Tatiana Mostrova, with a tribute to Heinz Miklas by Svetlina Nikolova, contributors include: Desislava Atanasova, Elka Bakalova, Galina Baranokova, Aksiniia Dzhurova, Jasmina Grković-Major, Klimentina Ivanova, Ivona Karachorova, Antonija Zaradija Kiš, Alda Giambelluca Kossova, Irina Kuzidova, Georgi Minczew, Boiko Mircheva, Tatiana Mostrova, Svetlina Nikolova, Tatiana Pentkovskaia, Kazimir Popkonstantinov, Maria Schnitter, Irena Špadier, Radoslava Stankova, Anatolii Turilov, William R. Veder, and Christian Voss.

The articles touch on the following topics: Bogomilism, the Gospels of Romanian rulers, the Bychkov Psalter, the Book of Jeremiah, Anastasius of Sinai, the Archangel Michael, St. Clement of Rome, St. Basil the Younger, Cyril of Turov, Bishop Cyprian, the Alexander Myth, the functional styles of Serbian Church Slavonic, etc.

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