A recent purchase, Monasticism in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Republics edited by Ines Angeli Murzaku (Routledge, 2016), provides essays on various aspects of monasticism in Eastern-Central Europe, Russia and the former Soviet Republics.

Daniela Kalkandjieva addresses “Monasticism in Bulgaria”; Julia Verkholantsev discusses “Croatian monasticism and Glagolitic tradition: Glagolitic letters at home and abroad,” which complements her 2014 monograph The Slavic Letters of St. Jerome: the History of the Legend and its Legacy, or, How the Translator of the Vulgate became an Apostle of the Slavs; Jelena Dzankic writes on “Religion and identity in Montenegro”; Graham Speake comments on “Mount Athos: relations between the Holy Mountain and Eastern Europe”; Radmila Radić on “Monasticism in Serbia in the modern period: development, influence, importance”; Antonio D’Alessandri tackles “Orthodox monasticism and the development of the modern Romanian state: from Dora d’Istria’s criticism (1855) to cyclical reevaluation of monastic spirituality in contemporary Romania”; the editor Murzaku composed “Between East and West: Albania’s monastic mosaic.”

Book cover of a monastery

Stanislav J. Kirschbaum, “Monasticism in Slovakia and Slovak national development”

James P. Niessen, “Catholic monasticism, orders, and societies in Hungary: centuries of expansion, disaster, and revival”

Krystyna Górniak-Kocikowska, “Roman Catholic monasticism in Poland: a brief overview of selected issues”

Bogdan Kolar, “The Church and religious orders in Slovenia in the twentieth century”

There are three essays on Russia focusing on monasticism in various eras of history: pre-Petrine, 19th century, and modern:

Jennifer B. Spock, “Monasticism in Russia’s far north in the pre-Petrine era: social, cultural, and economic interaction

Kevin M. Kain, “Archimandrites and antiquities: the creation of Orthodox-based Russian national identity at Resurrection ‘New Jerusalem’ Monastery in the the nineteenth century”

Scott M. Kenworthy, “Monasticism in modern Russian”

Three essays describe aspects of monasticism in Armenia, Georgia, and Ukraine:

Sergio La Porta, “Monasticism and the construction of the Armenian intellectual tradition”

Paul Crego, “Monks and monasticism in Georgia in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries”

Daniel Galadza, “Greco-Catholic monasticism in Ukraine : between mission and contemplation”