Photograph of patrons examining printed books that are displayed on long tables

Early Modern Printed Books Open House, April 3, 2013, Thompson Library

The OSU Libraries held its final open house of the school year, the Early Modern Printed Book Open House, on Wednesday, April 3rd. Organized by Amanda Gluibizzi, Fine Arts Librarian, Eric J. Johnson, Curator of Early Books and Manuscripts, and Melanie McGurr, Instruction and Access Librarian for Special Collections, the Open House “primarily featured books, pamphlets, art and architectural treatises, and travel itineraries in English, Latin, German, French, Italian, and Spanish.

“Items with substantial visual material that date from the 1400s to the 19th century from OSUL’s collections university-wide were available for viewing. Among the artists and authors included were Albrecht Durër, Giorgio Vasari, Leon-Battista Alberti, Andrea Palladio, Giovanni Battista Piranesi, Sebastiano Serlio, Baldassare Castiglione, Peter Paul Rubens, William Blake, and many more. Subjects included History, English, Architecture, Entomology, Herbology, Astrology, and more.

“Dr. Johnson was on hand to explain the making and materials of these objects, as well as to help with on-the-spot Latin translations.

photo of title page of Greek early printed book

Greek Triodion, published in Venice by Nicolas Glykys, 1744

“Patrons with freshly clean hands were able to handle the items gently. No backpacks or portfolios, food, drink, or wet media were brought into the room with the materials. Pencils and paper were recommended for note-taking and sketching, and photography was permitted.” Several professors brought their classes to view the materials.

Photo of old printed books lined up on a table

Printed books from the collection of the Hilandar Research Library: Slavic, Greek, and Romanian

The organizers graciously invited the Hilandar Research Library to participate in their Open House this semester. Hilandar displayed five of its Russian Early Printed Books, which were donated by Olga Karpov, Edward Kasinec, Alex Rabinovich et al., as well as its one Greek volume. A Romanian printed book donated by Dehlia and John Negulesco and the rare 18th-century Briusovskaia kalendar’ (Книга именуемая брюсовск̆ои календарь), which was a gift of Alex Rabinovich, were also made available at the Open House.

Lauren Ressue, OSU Department of Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures graduate student and Graduate Associate for the Resource Center for Medieval Slavic Studies, was on hand at the Open House to assist visitors in deciphering the languages and genres of the HRL early modern printed books.

Source: OSU Libraries’ announcement advertising the Early Modern Printed Book Open House

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