Image of folio 2 recto from the manuscript known as "Stanislav's Menaion"

“Stanislav’s Menaion,” f. 2r

Hagiotheca Preslavica is a project currently under development by a team of young Bulgarian medievalists. Its principal task is the preparation and publication (both digital and traditional) and research of “Stanislav’s Menaion” (chetii-minei), Ms. 1039 in the SS. Cyril and Methodius Bulgarian National Library in Sofia. The 14th-century manuscript contains hagiographical texts for the months of September-November. The text currently ends in the beginning of the Life of St. John Chrysostom (November 13); there are 370 extant folia.

It is hoped that this is the first step in the creation of a portal comprising digital images, analytical tools, and research of texts that evidence the influence of the Preslav literary circle.


Hagiotheca Preslavica Project Team Members:

Diana Atanassova, Sofia University – coordinator
Aneta Dimitrova, Sofia University
Irina Kuzidova, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Lyubka Nenova, Southwestern University, Blagoevgrad
Cvetomira Danova, Cyrillo-Methodian Research Centre
Krassimir Popovsky, Bulgarian Orthodox Church


Source: Announcement courtesy of Diana Atanassova

Image Source: BNL.1039, f. 2r, color image courtesy of Hagiotheca Preslavica; black and white microfilm of manuscript available in the HRL