Raffaele Caldarelli (Viterbo) has posted the full text of his 1996 edition of the Alphabetic part (CPG 5560) of the Alphabetico–Anonymous Collection of Apophthegmata patrum (based on the South Slavic witnesses available) at the site <http://hdl.handle.net/2067/2344>. It can be downloaded in .pdf format.

“The work presents the Old Church Slavonic text of the Alphabetic Paterìk (Lives of the Desert Fathers) according to Serbian and Bulgarian manuscripts, paralleled by the original Greek text.” The edition is based primarily on the manuscripts Gil’ferding 50* ( Serbian, from the mid 14th cent.) and Synodal (Patriarchal) Collection 345 (342)** (Greek, 11th cent.).

Caldarelli also examined several manuscripts from Hilandar Monastery’s Slavic collection, HM.SMS.421 and HM.SMS.428.

For additional information on the Apophtegmata patrum tradition, see the recent article, “The Scete Paterikon,” by W.R. Veder in Cyrillic Manuscript Heritage 32.

*National Library of Russia “Saltykov-Shchedrin,” St. Petersburg
**State Historical Museum (GIM), Moscow

Source: Announcement courtesy of William R. Veder.