Gardner Family Map Room

New Books

Oxford Atlas of the World” 23rd edition

Maps of War” by Jeremy Black

The Sea Chart” by John Blake

Where Are Our Boys?” by Martin Woods

CIA Map History

Since it’s beginning in Oct 1941, the CIA’s Cartography Center has been creating maps.  In a recent article, “The Mapmaker’s Craft:  a History of Cartography at the CIA”, the story is told by decade.  Here is a link to the maps.

Of interest to OSU, is the founder of the Cartography Center:  Arthur H. Robinson.



WWI Memorials Map

Sponsored by the United States World War One Centennial Commission, the WWI Memorials Map is looking for assistance in finding the “lost & forgotten” memorials created after the end of the war.


Arctic Support

Alaska in 3D.  Starting in September, the general public has been able to access accurate maps of Alaska.

“The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) partnered with the University of Minnesota and other members of the academic research community, private sector and international partners to create this first-ever publicly available, high-resolution, satellite-based elevation data map of Alaska. Maps of the entire Arctic will be available by mid-2017.”


National Map Reading Week in the UK

The week of October 17-23 is National Map Reading Week in the United Kingdom.  Created by the Ordnance Survey, videos, games and guides explain how to read maps and navigate the world.

“All Over the Map”

A blog by Betsy Mason & Greg Miller on the National Geographic site, “All Over the Map” covers many areas of interest.  19th Century School Girls, American National Parks and mountain cartography are some of the topics.

Australia to Shift Latitude & Longitude

In 2017, Australia will shift latitude & longitude to bring the local coordinates in line with the Global Navigational Satellite System (GNSS).  Presently there is a 1 meter difference between the 2 systems due to tectonic shift.

Urbanization — Animation

From the Guardian:  “The Rise and Fall of Great World Cities:  5,700 years of Urbanisation”  has an animated map  of the world’s cities.    The population data set is included.

Map of Earth Winds

Earth Winds  is a fascinating map showing the movement of air around the world.

New Books for Spring

“Plotted – a Literary Atlas” by Andrew DeGraff

“Atlas of Indian Nations” by Anton Treuer

“The London County Council Bomb Damage Maps 1939-1945” by Laurence Ward

“The Mapmakers’ World – a Cultural History of the European World Map” by Marjo T. Nurminen

“Great Escapes – The Story of MI9’s Second World War Escape & Evasion Maps” by Barbara A. Bond

“Lloyd’s Maritime Atlas of World Ports & Shipping Places”

“Historical Atlas of Canada” by Derek Hayes

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