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Author: Hay Mew (Amy) Hwang

Current Display in the Thompson Library – “Pokémon Universe – The Many Worlds of Japanese ‘Pocket Monsters’ in Global Pop Culture”

Pokémon Universe Display Case

Pokémon Go AR photo courtesy of Aaron Olivera

A top media sensation during Summer 2016 has been the game Pokémon Go, a new app developed by Niantic Labs for personal handheld devices. The game allows players to merge the real world with the virtual world of Pokémon (short for “pocket monsters”) in an augmented reality (AR) on device screens. While the obsession with Pokémon Go is recent, the game’s imaginary Pokémon have been roaming the world for over two decades. Released in 1996, the game’s best known character, Pikachu, is now recognized as an iconic symbol of Japan’s global “soft power.” Featuring select materials from the Libraries’ collections, the “Pokémon Universe” display highlights the history and globalization of the popular Pokémon franchise, and explores the many worlds that Pokémon has inhabited since its inception in the mid-1990s.

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Interview with Maureen Donovan – Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum Blog

Maureen & Astro Boy at Maureen's Office

Maureen & Astro Boy (at Maureen’s Office in 2010)

Today is Professor Maureen Donovan’s last day at the Ohio State University Libraries. Caitlin McGurk from OSU’s Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum chatted with Maureen on her career and how the manga collection came to be in OSUL. The interview is posted on the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum blog.

We deeply appreciate Maureen’s many contributions and wish her all the best for her retirement!