Satonaka, Machiko. Tenjo no Niji. Volume 23 (Kodansha, 2015).

Satonaka, Machiko. Tenjō no Niji. Volume 23 (Kōdansha, 2015).

What an amazing coincidence!  The final volume (v. 23) of Satonaka Machiko’s manga, Tenjō no Niji (Celestial Rainbows) which began publication over thirty years ago (in 1983) was published on March 13, 2015 — just a couple of weeks prior to the opening of this spring’s World of Shojo Manga: Mirrors of Girls’ Desires (March 28, 2015 – July 5, 2015) exhibit!  As with many of Satonaka’s manga, this is a work of historical fiction. An empress from Japan’s ancient history is depicted as facing challenges in her various roles as wife, mother, and ultimately female ruler. The library’s copy will be arriving before long by sea mail.

OSU Libraries has several other works by Satonaka Machiko, including Ariesu no Otometachi アリエスの乙女たち (Ladies of Aries) and Ashita Kagayaku あした輝く(Tomorrow it Shines).