( Aisuru Anata Koisuru Watashi: Hagio Moto taidanshu 2000 nendai hen. (Kawade Shobo Shinsha, 2014) 愛するあなた 恋するわたし 萩尾望都 対談集


Hagio Moto is one of the most intriguing mangaka, so many of her works are included in the Ohio State University Libraries collections.  I wrote a brief post about her a while ago: Hagio Moto — Iguana Girl Turns Manga Legend.  Since then more of her work has been translated into English, including Heart of Thomas.

Recently an interesting series of conversations with her about her career and that of other mangaka has been coming out — Hagio Moto taidanshū  萩尾望都対談集 ( Kawade Shobō Shinsha, 2012- ):

Manga no anata SF no watashi  マンガのあなた・SFのわたし (1970-nendai hen)

Kotoba no Anata Manga no Watashi コトバのあなたマンガのわたし(1980-nendai hen)

Monogataru Anata Egaku Watashi 物語るあなた 絵描くわたし (1990-nendai hen)

Aisuru Anata Koisuru Watashi 愛するあなた 恋するわたし(2000-nendai hen)

Note: This is one of a series of posts related to the exhibit: World of Shojo Manga: Mirrors of Girls’ Desires (March 28 – July 5).