Welcome to Library Labs!

The Ohio State University Libraries are experimenting with new technologies to help make access to information, resources, and services easier. OSU Library Labs is THE place to learn about new Web technologies and how OSUL is meeting the information needs of it’s users.

We would like for you to play with them and tell us what you think? Is the tool useful? What are the bugs and problems you found using it? What works well? What doesn’t work? Do you have any tools that you would like to share on this site? The goals for the project were to create a site that would do the following:

• A showcase for projects under development or under consideration

• A venue for beta-testing and refining services nearing production. Many tools included in the Labs may be in ‘beta’ form and still under development while others may be supported.

• A way to solicit user feedback on both the usefulness and usability of new services• A conduit to solicit suggestions for new services

• A way to recruit members for focus groups and usability studies

• A way to assist with marketing new services

Contact us at sul-mps@osu.edu An OSUL 2013 Project