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OSU Library Labs: Browser Search Extension

Popular browsers, such as Internet Explorer and Firefox, have built-in search windows which can be populated with various search sites. OSU Libraries has made it simple for library customers to add the OSU Libraries Catalog as a browser preferred search site.

Why a Search Extension? Since the search extension is associated with the browser, the library user does not have to visit the catalog or library web sites in order to conduct a search.

How to get the Search Extension:

1) Go to the University Libraries main Web page. The code resides at this site.
2) Locate the small browser search box in the upper right hand corner of the browser (to the right of the page URL box). There is a drop down menu which exposes several search tool options. (see image).
3) After clicking the drop down, Select “Add OSU Libraries Catalog search


Now, just enter a search term in the Search Bar and then select the OSU Library Catalog option from the drop down menu.

OpenSearch browser example


Can’t I Find This Option on My Web Browser? The extension is not available on all browsers, or on all releases of a browser.

-Additional help for adding this search option-

On Mac:


Safari (OSX 10.4 and higher only):

More On Windows:


  • Visit
  • Click the ‘Wrench’ and go to Options
  • Under Default Search, click Manage
  • Under Other search engines, click, then choose Edit
  • Name: OSU Libraries Catalog
  • Keyword: osul
  • Address: (address should already be populated, though)
  • Click okay and close out the windows
  • To perform a search with Chrome, type “osul <your query>” into the Omnibox

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  1. You’re right – it was really easy. 🙂 Thanks, guys. I think it will be helpful.

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