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By Damon E. Jaggars, Vice-Provost & Director of The Ohio State University Libraries

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Enabling organizational capacities

As we work our way toward defining the Libraries’ future strategic intent, the need to expand capacities in a number of areas has become clear. Developing these capacities will underlay and enable our success as we reorient the organization toward a new set of strategic directions and implement a new agile operating framework. Growing these capabilities will involve investment, sometimes of new resources generated from partnerships and fundraising and sometimes from the reallocation of current effort and funding.

While other areas of need may arise, the following have emerged from our ongoing planning processes:


All stakeholder groups, internal and external, have surfaced a need for the Libraries to communicate our stories and the value we create better and differently. Doing so will enhance our efforts to describe organizational impact and attract additional resources. In response to this need, we are in the process of engaging an external consultant to help us understand our evolving communications environment and how we should structure and resource our communications and marketing efforts for maximum effectiveness. This consultation will proceed this semester with broad input from Libraries’ faculty, staff and key external stakeholders, including donor leadership.

Resource Development/Fundraising

The Libraries has been successful in raising funds for high-profile capital projects. As we prepare for the next university campaign, we will need to restructure and reorient our resource development efforts toward a changing, broader set of needs and approaches. We are currently developing a new Director’s advisory group that will provide guidance, not only in preparing for the new campaign, but also for how we organize, resource and prioritize our annual, ongoing fundraising efforts. This group will begin its work this semester with engagement from across the Libraries and our campus partners, including the Office of Advancement.


Libraries’ outreach and engagement efforts are currently scattered and under-resourced. And as we continue to broaden our conception of organizational engagement, we need to restructure and better coordinate support for a growing set of activities that align with the university’s educational, research and land grant missions. This will be an important focus through which the Libraries can help the university affirm its ongoing value to the broader community and the State of Ohio. And if we play our cards right, broader engagement will create narratives of impact that can be used to promote the Libraries’ value to the university community and to current and potential donors/funders. As a first step in filling this need, I have asked Quanetta Batts to transition from her current role as Executive Assistant to the Vice Provost & Director to a new role as Program Director for Outreach and Engagement. In this new role, she will provide leadership and coordination for activities that enrich relationship building with various internal and external constituencies, with special attention to broadening outreach to and engagement with partners and initiatives at the campus, community, state and national levels. The position will report to the Vice Provost & Director.

Organizational Development

As we implement a new agile operating framework, Libraries’ administrators, managers, faculty and staff will need to work with each other differently. We will no doubt implement structural and procedural changes designed to improve business processes and outcomes, but there is also a need for a different type of investment in our people and the skills necessary for individuals across the organization to operate successfully at the levels of autonomy, creativity and accountability appropriate to their roles. As a start, our newly instituted Management Committee is collectively developing a broad learning curriculum, designed to identify gaps in organizational effectiveness and corresponding approaches to filling those gaps. Trainings and other learning opportunities will begin rolling out to the organization during the current semester. Be on the look out and participate!

Expect more information on our progress in all of these capacity-building efforts at upcoming faculty and general staff meetings. Bring your questions and suggestions. We need your input as we build out the capabilities that will enable us to successfully implement our soon-to-be-defined strategic intent.

Damon E. Jaggars
Vice Provost and Director of University Libraries


IFLA World Library and Information Congress A Huge Success

115. That is the number of Ohio State University Libraries faculty, staff and retirees who participated in making the 2016 IFLA World Library and Information Congress the tremendous success that it was.  Director Emeritus Carol Pitts Diedrichs and Columbus Metropolitan Library (CML) CEO Patrick Lozinski co-chaired the national committee and led the local planning team that included Quanetta Batts, Lisa Carter and Lisa Patton-Glinski from the Libraries and Gregg Dodd and Wendy Ramsey from CML. Dozens of others from the Libraries, CML and other libraries from across Ohio contributed their time as volunteers, volunteer supervisors and tour guides. Our own Wes Boomgaarden served as volunteer coordinator, deftly organizing hundreds of volunteers from across the region and the state.

We also recogIFLA-2016-Logonize the critical contributions from our partners at OCLC, who not only provided generous financial support but also hosted several workshops and events at their headquarters in Dublin and served on the national committee and as volunteers during the congress. Jim Neal, University Librarian Emeritus from Columbia University (and President-Elect of the American Library Association), led the effort to raise over $410,000 in travel grants that enabled nearly 200 international and domestic librarians to attend the congress. We should also acknowledge the efforts of the IFLA staff and K.I.T., the event management group that provided logistical support. And finally, we thank Donna Sheeder, IFLA President, and Gerald Leitner, IFLA Secretary General, for their ongoing trust and support.

But, back to the 115. That number represents an extraordinary level of commitment and effort from the University Libraries organization – from all of you. Thank you for your willingness to pitch in to put on a meaningful, memorable congress and to show Ohio State (and Columbus) in the best possible light.

Speaking of light, let’s shine a little on all of our colleagues who contributed to this important success…

Name Role
Larry Allen Logistics Team
Quanetta Batts Local Planning Team
Zaineb Bayahy Volunteer
Sue Beck Volunteer/Tour Guide
Beth Black Volunteer Supervisor
Wes Boomgaarden Volunteer Coordinator
Morag Boyd Volunteer
Corazon Britton Volunteer
Hilary Bussell Volunteer
Lisa Carter Local Planning Team
Amy Chalmers Tour Guide
Sherab Chen Volunteer Supervisor
Calvin Cleary Volunteer
Autumn Clipner Volunteer
Susan Collins Volunteer
Tschera Connell Volunteer
Nena Couch Tour Guide
Missy Creed Volunteer
Ann Marie Davis Volunteer
Rachel Deavers Volunteer/Tour Guide
John Dewees Volunteer
Jose Diaz Volunteer Supervisor
Carol Pitts Diedrichs National Committee Co-Chair
Florian Diekmann Volunteer Supervisor
Danny Dotson Volunteer
Magda El-Sherbini Volunteer Supervisor
Sandra Enimil Volunteer Supervisor
Pamela Espinosa de los Monteros Volunteer
Marcela Estevez Volunteer
Anne Fields Volunteer
Anita Foster Volunteer
Ashley Foster Volunteer
Tina Franks Volunteer Supervisor
Emily Glenn Volunteer
Karen Glenn Volunteer
Brenda Goodwin Volunteer
Kathleen Goodyear Volunteer
John Hager Volunteer
Susan Hatten Tour Guide
Jen Henman Volunteer
Julia Higgins Volunteer
Yuimi Hlasten Volunteer
David Holbrook Logistics Team
Amy Hwang Volunteer
Debra Jackson Volunteer
Gay Jackson Tour Guide
Pasha Johnson Volunteer/Tour Guide
Beth Kattelman Volunteer
Laura Kissel Volunteer
Reba Kocher Tour Guide
Vanessa Kraps Volunteer Supervisor
Tara Kreider Tour Guide
Jennifer Kuehn Volunteer
Natalie Kupferberg Volunteer
Bruce Leach Volunteer
Brian Leaf Volunteer
Jian Lee Volunteer
Ann Lennon Volunteer/Workshop Coordinator
Brent Lewis Logistics Team
Guoqing Li Volunteer/Tour Guide
Susan Liberator Workshop Coordinator
David Lincove Volunteer
Meris Mandernach Volunteer
Tony Maniaci Volunteer
Predrag Matejic Tour Guide
Jan Maxwell Volunteer
Kaelyn McAdams Tour Guide
Pam McClung Logistics Team
Caitlin McGurk Tour Guide/Workshop Coordinator
Darnelle Melvin Volunteer
Brian Miller Volunteer
Ashleigh Minor Volunteer
Christina Moore Volunteer
Mark Moziejko Logistics Team
Sarah Murphy Volunteer Supervisor
Shannon Niemeyer Volunteer
Dan Noonan Volunteer
Jarod Ogier Volunteer
Aaron Olivera Volunteer
Tracey Overbey Volunteer
Lisa Patton-Glinski Local Planning Team
Lauren Paulauskas Volunteer
Joe Payne Volunteer
Wendy Pflug Workshop Coordinator
Amy Pickenpaugh Volunteer
Ed Plunkett Volunteer
Cynthia Preston Volunteer
Cate Putirskis Volunteer
Terry Reese Volunteer
JR Rinehart Logistics Team
Amanda Rinehart Volunteer Supervisor
Jenny Robb Workshop Coordinator
Josh Sadvari Tour Guide
Jennier Schnabel Volunteer
Mary Scott Volunteer
Susan Scott Volunteer Supervisor
Marilyn Scott Workshop Coordinator
Sanghee Seo Volunteer
Ruth Sesco Volunteer Supervisor
Emily Sferra Volunteer
Emily Shaw Volunteer
Gene Springs Volunteer
Rocki Strader Volunteer
Karla Strieb Volunteer
Belle Teesdale Tour Guide
Camila Tessler Volunteer
Clint Tomlinson Volunteer
Kaylie Vermillion Volunteer
Patrick Visel Volunteer Supervisor/Tour Guide
Maureen Walsh Volunteer
Matthew Watson Volunteer
Marguerite Weibel Volunteer
Anne Wilcheck Volunteer
Chunli Yang Volunteer
Chris Younkin Tour Guide

Many thanks to all who participated,

Damon E. Jaggars
Vice Provost and Director of University Libraries

[NOTE: We checked and double checked our list of contributors; but with such a long list, it is possible that we missed someone. If so, please let me know, so we can correct the omission and celebrate all who participated.]