Now that the appointment of our administrative team is complete, we can begin planning in more detail for the implementation of the new organizational structure.  With the arrival of Karla, Craig and Lisa on April 1st, the new organizational structure will be implemented.

Implementation on April 1, 2011

Of course, the next question is “what does that mean?”  Specifically on April 1st, we will change or confirm the reporting lines for our existing departments.    The new document that was previewed a few months ago has now been posted here (staff intranet, doc/subjs, who to go to, initial departmental assignments to divisions) with the initial assignment of departments to the new structure –

What Does That Mean for Me?

You next question might be – “what does that mean for me?”  First and foremost, keep doing the functions and responsibilities of your current job.  Our first priority is to maintain services and support for students and faculty as we sort out the details of the new organization.  That sorting out will take some time.   In addition, for most individuals you’re immediate supervisor will not change.  For some of our department heads, their supervisor will change on April 1 to the new associate director in their new division.  All of the new assistant/associate directors will work closely with me, Wes, and Nancy to ensure a productive transition.  The ADs will need a bit of time to meet with individuals and to establish divisional meetings and processes particularly where there are significant changes.  In preparing for April 1st, the Planning and Administration Division will work on the practical details such as changes to supervision in Workforce etc.   We are beginning to plan for those changes now.

Next Steps on the Organizational Restructuring

We will need to give our new leaders some time to get their feet on the ground and begin to have a sense of our operations and services.  I have engaged Maureen Sullivan to begin working with the administrative team in late April/early May to tackle the organizational restructuring which will be necessary to fully implement the new organization.  All of your good ideas, suggestions, and insight will be needed in that process.

We have come an amazing distance in the past year – developing new organizational models, discussing them, gathering feedback, making a decision, posting and recruiting the new leaders, interviewing, and completing the hiring details.  Lisa and Beth are here now and already knee-deep in understanding their jobs and divisions.  While we have a little reprieve from that work for the next couple of months, Lisa, Karla and Craig are busily finding places to live, packing, receiving information from me, beginning to think about their new position and how to disengage from their current work – did I say, packing?  Karla, Craig, Lisa – we can’t wait for you to join the rest of us in the work to come.