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Vocera Project Ending January 1, 2011

The Vocera project, which provided some Libraries staff with wireless communication devices designed to enhance customer service, will conclude at the end of the year.  Sarah Murphy, Coordinator of Research & Reference, who obtained funding for and administered the program, said that use of the technology did not pan out as hoped.

“Vocera did help us see that there is value in having a “point of need” communication system for our patrons,” Murphy said. “It also let us save a considerable amount of money by reducing the number of phone lines used in the buildings in which Vocera was operated.”

Libraries Director Carol Diedrichs said that she expects the Libraries to examine other approaches to supporting enhancing customer service, such as utilizing student workers to respond to printer/copier problems in the Thompson Library.  Carol commended Sarah on her objective evaluation of the project and her willingness to experiment with new technology.

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