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New web exhibit from University Archives highlights Ohio Stadium

Seen alternately as a building no one thought OSU football games could fill and an engineering marvel comparable to the Coliseum of Rome, Ohio Stadium has reflected the changing ambitions and enthusiasms of the Ohio State community and the nation at large. Learn more about the history of Ohio Stadium on the University Archivesā€˜ new web exhibit: A Walk in our ‘Shoe: the History of Ohio Stadium. Go to: http://library.osu.edu/projects/stadium/ This online exhibit takes a look at the athletic fields used prior to Ohio Stadium, the University’s nation-wide campaign effort, its construction, floods and fires in the Shoe, and much more. The web exhibit makes use of the Manuscripts and Photographs collections of The Ohio State University Archives.

This exhibit was created by Kenny Greer of the OSU Archives, and Kent State Library and Information Science practicum student David Staniunus.

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