The Republican Era of China lasted from 1912 to 1949, and covered the brief period between the end of the Qing dynasty and the establishment of the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of China. It was a time characterized by rapid societal changes, internal political struggles, and outside foreign threats threats.

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Below are some selected pieces of our Republican Era materials:

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民国期刊资料分类汇编·經史關係 Min Guo qi kan zi liao fen lei hui bian- Jing shi guan xi (2V)

The Jing Shi Guan Xi includes approximately 100 articles printed during the Republican period, focusing on history and the study of Confucianism. The Jing Shi Guan Xi examines the relationship between the study of Confucianism and history: Confucianism was an important part of governors’ political philosophies, while the study of history was thought to give context to the governing a country.

民国期刊资料分类汇编.东方杂志学术类编(全八册)Min Guo qi kan zi liao fen lei hui bian- Dong fang za zhi. Xue shu bian (8V)

The book has excerpts from 600 academic articles from Dong fang za zhi, a comprehensive Republican Period publication. It is categorized into 9 different disciplines: philosophy, religious studies, ethnology, philology, linguistics, literature and arts, history, archaeology, and geography. Each category appears as published in chronological order.

There is a detailed table of contents in the beginning of the book to help researchers and promote further investigation into Dong fang za zhi late Qing Dynasty society, and the Republican Period in general. This is a valuable resource for any academics interested in the time period.

民国期刊资料分类汇编·善本书题记(全二册)Min Guo qi kan zi liao fen lei hui bian – Shan ben shu ti ji

This book belongs to one of the largest series, ‘Republic of China Periodicals Data Classification Compilation,’ published by Beijing Library Press. The periodicals include approximately 100 articles about Shan ben shu ti ji which discusses prefaces, postscripts, bibliography, collation and versions.  The book includes masterpieces by influential authors in the field, including Chengbi Pan, Zhenduo ZhengZengxiang Fu, and Yousan Wang.

民国大事史料长编(全十册) Min guo da shi shi liao chang bian (10V)

The Republican period was marked by dramatic shifts in politics, economics, and cultures, characterized by philosophical debates between new and old, eastern and western, and radicalism and conservatism. These new social trends brought a revolution of new democracy. This book is a collection of historical documents covering all major events regarding politics, economics, the military, culture, education, and diplomacy from 1919 to 1926. The newspapers featured are Shen Bao and Minguo ri bao.

胡风主编期刊汇辑(全五册) Hu Feng zhu bian qi kan hui ji (5V)

As a literary critic and activist, Feng Hu was the main editor of six literary publications: Mu xie wen cong, Hai yan, Gong zuo yu xue xi cong kan, Qi yue, Wen xue bao, Xi wang.

These publications united and influenced many young writers, who later became the famous Qi yue school of Modern Chinese Literature. At the same time, the distinctive and creative literary art theory of Feng Hu was developed.

These journals are essential materials for studying Feng Hu, his literary art theory, and Qi yue school. It is difficult for researchers to gather these materials, much less to have a complete collection. The six literary publications edited by Feng Hu can be found in the collection, printed in their original appearances. An index was created for the convenience of the readers to look up certain people or article titles.

抗战文献类编.文艺卷(全五册) Kang zhan wen xian lei bian. Wen yi juan

This book is the literary art chapter of  Kang zhan wen Xian lei bian. It collected approximately 30 pieces of literature from 1937 to 1948. The content includes cultural works, cultural movements, literary art theories, plays, arts, movies, poems, entertainments, etc.

The authors of these works were experts with profound insights in their fields. Some of the writers include Moruo Guo, Han Tian, Nianqu Liu, Fenf Pu, Dakun Wu, and Jialun Luo. The contents are anti-war centered. They include detailed theoretical analysis and general military knowledge, as well as practical plans and life guide to youth during war.

These theories provided guidance and elevated the public’s political knowledge while critiquing the cultural work between the urban and rural areas. On the other hand, it ensured people to have correct understandings on the theories and strengthen their beliefs during war.

民國人口戶籍史料匯編 / 殷梦霞, 田奇選編 (全十四册) Minguo ren kou hu ji shi liao hui bian / Yin Mengxia, Tian Qi xuan bian (14V)

The book contains the historical population registration data  during the Republican Period. The main content includes the provincial census conducted by the Ministry of the Interior. It also contains important information on census register law, household administrative system, and statistics on agricultural population.


For information in English about the fascinating Republican period of China, please check out some of OSUL’s offerings:

The Arts

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