Screenshot of the T'ai Chi Ch'uan Pilot for WOSU TV 1976

Screenshot – T’ai Chi Ch’uan Pilot (WOSU TV, 1976)

Dr. Fred Ming-an Wu (吳民安)(1916-2000), a graduate of the Ohio State University (OSU), was a biochemist, a researcher in horticulture, an active member of the Asian American community, and a master of martial arts. Many of the books and video recordings he collected were donated to the OSU Libraries in 2009 by his wife Sandra Jones Wu, MD. The entire collection can be found in the OSUL catalog by searching the Dr. Fred Ming-an Wu and Dr. Sandra Jones Wu collection.

Born in Ji Li Cun (基立村), the first Christian established community in Guangzhou, China, Dr. Wu’s name, “Ming An” or “Min An”, carries the meaning peace and stability. He was also given the name Pei Wu (培武) based on his position in the Wu family tree. Dr. Wu’s last name was sometimes spelled as “Ng” in family correspondences and documents, which followed the Cantonese romanization standard. The name “Fred” was given to him by his American teacher as was customary for school children in the area.

Dr. Wu attended two universities during his undergraduate years. His freshmen year, 1934 to 1935, was spent at Lingnan University (嶺南大學). He then went to the University of Nanking (also known as Jinling University 金陵大学) for his sophomore to senior years. While studying at the University of Nanking, Dr. Wu learned English from the American novelist Pearl Buck. Due to delays caused by the Second Sino-Japanese War, Dr. Wu graduated from college in 1940. Upon graduation, he worked at the National Agricultural Research Bureau (中央農業實驗所, also known as the Central Agricultural Experimental Institute), where he did research on the tung oil trees in Sichuan. Here is a link to his research published in 1944:

During his employment with the research bureau, Dr. Wu was encouraged to take part in the national placement examination offered in 1944 for studying abroad. This examination provided admission into graduate programs in America and other countries. Dr. Wu passed the exam for the forestry program and left for the United States on June 29th, 1947. He came to the Ohio State University where he received his Master’s degree in 1950, followed then by his PhD in 1957.

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As a martial arts master, Dr. Wu founded the Dr. Wu’s Chinese Kung Fu and T’ai Chi Ch’uan Institute in Columbus and was also featured in local television shows. The Dr. Fred Ming-an Wu and Dr. Sandra Jones Wu collection includes unique texts and videos that highlight different aspects of martial arts. Here are a few of them:


NOTE: Details of Dr. Fred Wu’s personal history is based on interview notes taken in July of 2000, courtesy of Stephen Wu.