Shen Hong (洪深) in 1946 at Shanghai , from「洪深文抄」

Shen Hong (洪深) 1946 at Shanghai, from「洪深文抄」

Shen Hong (洪深) was a Chinese playwright, director, and screenwriter. Hong, who is considered to be a key figure in the development of modern Chinese theatrical arts, was also an Ohio State University student. Hong graduated from Tsinghua School (present day Tsinghua University) and came to Ohio State to study ceramic engineering. During his time at OSU, he wrote two English language plays,  The Wedded  Husband (为之有室) and Rainbow. The Wedded Husband was then performed by Chinese students from Ohio State and neighboring Oberlin College. Hong further continued his education, studying drama at Harvard before returning to China. He wrote several books, screenplays, and even directed films, making significant contributions to modern entertainment, performance, and literary arts.

In 2013, Shen Hong’s daughter, Qian Hong (洪钤) donated books and other items from her father’s personal collection to the Ohio State University Libraries’ Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee Theatre Research Institute in memory of Shen Hong’s early studies at the university.  The donation was given on behalf of herself and Shen Hong’s late wife Qingzhen Chang. The gift included early editions of Shen Hong’s plays, personal  letters, photographs, and artwork by others.

Below is a list of selected items in the gift collection which can also be found in the OSUL catalog by searching “Hong Shen Collection.” Gift items not on the list are shown in the photo collage. Clockwise from the top left:

Photos Collage of Hong Shen Collection Gift Items

Photo Collage of Hong Shen Collection Gift Items

  • Sketch of Shen Hong by Beihong Xu (徐悲鴻)
  • Hong signing the “PRC-DDR Cultural Co-operation Agreement: the Implementation Plan in 1955” (中德文化合作协定1955年执行计划) in Berlin on December 27, 1954
  • Hong speaking in the First World Congress of the Defenders of Peace (Prague ,1949)
  • Two-page letter to four members of The New Chinese Drama Society (新中国剧社)  (1946)
  • Painting scroll by Qingge Zhao (趙清閣)
  • Calligraphy scroll by Xuan Du (杜宣)


Call #Title in ChineseTitle in EnglishYear Published
PL2769.N43 A6 1933洪深戲曲集Hong Shen xi qu ji 1933
PL2769.N43 W8 1934五奎橋Wu kui qiao1934
PL2769.N43 W8 1959 c.2五奎橋Wu kui qiao : (du mu hua ju)1959
PN2038 .H77 1934 c.2洪深戲劇論文集Hong Shen xi ju lun wen ji1934
TR847 .H66 1935 電影術語詞典Tian ying shu yu ci dian1935
PN2061 .H72 1937 電影戲劇表演術Dian ying xi ju biao yan shu1937
PL2769.N43 Z45 1937走私 Zou si1937
PL2769.N43 B36 1940包得行 : 四幕劇Bao Dexing : si mu ju1940
PL2769.N43 H83 1942黃白丹青 Huang bai dan qing : [er mu si chang ju]1942
PN2053 .H66 1943戲劇導演的初步知識Xi ju dao yan de chu bu zhi shi1943
PN4129.C6 H86 1943 戲的唸詞與詩的朗誦 Xi de nian ci yu shi de lang song1943
PN4129.C6 H86 1946 戲的唸詞與詩的朗誦 Xi de nian ci yu shi de lang song1946
PN4129.C6 H86 1950 戲的唸詞與詩的朗誦 Xi de nian ci yu shi de lang song1950
PN4129.C6 H86 1962 c.2戲的唸詞與詩的朗誦 Xi de nian ci yu shi de lang song1962
PN4129.C6 H86 1962 c.3戲的唸詞與詩的朗誦 Xi de nian ci yu shi de lang song1981
PN1996 .H66 1946 電影戲劇的編劇方法 Dian ying xi ju de bian ju fang fa1946
PL2769.N43 N8 1946 女人女人Nü ren nü ren1946
PL2769.N43 A6 1951 洪深選集Hong Shen xuan ji1951
PL2769.N43 Z54 1951 c.2這就是美國的生活方式Zhe jiu shi "Meiguo de sheng huo fang shi"1951
PL2769.N43 A19 1957洪深文集 Hong Shen wen ji1957
PL2769.N43 A6 1986 c.2洪深代表作Hong Shen dai biao zuo1986
PL2769.N43 J5 1945 寄生草 Ji sheng cao1945
PS3537.A826 T53126 1949 人生一世 Ren sheng yi shi1949
PN1998.3.L5 L56 2009李行的本事 Li Xing de ben shi2009
PL2769.N43 Z8 H66 2011 c.2中國話劇電影先驅洪深 : 歷世編年紀 Zhongguo hua ju dian ying xian qu Hong Shen : li shi bian nian ji2011
PN1997.A1 L54 2009 李行經典電影精選特輯 [videorecording]Li Xing jing dian dian ying jing xuan te ji [videorecording]2009
PL2769.N43 Z8 H86 1985 DVD 洪深同志九十诞辰纪念会及座谈会Hong Shen tong zhi jiu shi dan chen ji nian hui ji zuo tan hui1985


On November 16th and 17th, 2013, The Wedded Husband was performed at OSU, an international symposium was held, and collection material exhibited to honor Hong’s legacy and commemorate the donation of the Hong Shen Collection to the OSU Libraries. Event flyer and other information can be found on the Hong Shen Project webpage hosted by the Modern Chinese Literature and Culture (MCLC) Resource Center in OSU. A picture of some of Qian Hong’s gift items, including the sketch by Xu, can be seen on the Hong Shen Project webpage.

To view the Hong Shen Collection, please contact Rebecca Jewett (, Thompson Library Special Collections, The Ohio State University Libraries.


OSUL has several titles by Shen Hong and related works on him:

The Wedded Husband Text + DVD

Autobiographical essay

  • 民国名人自传 by “‘Liang you’ hua bao cong shu” bian wei hui  (Shanghai ke xue ji shu wen xian chu ban she, 2015)

Biographical Information

Other works

  • 洪深卷 by Yang Jianlong (Shanghai wen yi chu ban she, 2010)