The Yi people (彝族are one of the major ethnic minorities in mainland China. Data from the 2010 population census (中国 2010 年人口普查数据) conducted by the National Bureau of Statistics of the People’s Republic of China (中华人民共和国国家统计局) shows there were around 7.8 million Yi people residing in China, making it the 7th largest ethnic group in the country.

Yi zu bi mo jing dian yi zhu 彝族毕摩经典译  v.73-87

Yi zu bi mo jing dian yi zhu 彝族毕摩经典译 v.73-87

As one of the strategic goals for the Chinese Studies Collections, OSUL has been collecting research materials on the Yi people. We currently have about 282 books on the subject.

One of the featured titles in our collections is the multi-volume set of annotated translated Bimo (毕摩) scripture: 彝族毕摩经典译注(云南民族出版社, 2007). As indicated in the WorldCat catalog, currently only two other libraries in the US has this title.  This 106 volume set covers the religion, social history, politics, economy and many other aspects of the Yi culture.

The following two books in OSUL provide more information on the Bimo religion, as well as the social life and rites of the Yi people.

Other books on the social and cultural aspect of the Yi people: