OSUL’s Collection Description and Access Department’s Non-Roman Cataloging section recently completed a project cataloging all the individual book titles in the Van Gulik’s rare Chinese book collection on microfiche pt.1 and pt.2.1. To see all 249 individual titles, search keywords or series using “Van Gulik collection

大汉学家高罗佩传 Book Cover

大汉学家高罗佩传 Book Cover

Dr.  Robert van Gulik (高罗佩, Gao luo-pei) was born in The Netherlands in 1910. He was a diplomat, writer, and scholar.

According to microfiche catalog guide, Robert van Gulik managed to build a private Chinese collection during his long stay in Asia with the support of his diplomatic status.  His full collection archived at the Sinological Institute of the University of Leiden consists of 2500 book titles in nearly 10000 volumes, and covers fine arts, classical music, literature, and folk novels. Of these titles, 117 folk novels (pt. 1) and 132 books on literature, painting, calligraphy and history (pt. 2.1) can be viewed in the Mircoform Reading Room at Thompson Library.

OSUL record for the microfiche catalogue guide:

Robert van Gulik  earned his reputation among Chinese scholars due to his different approach to popularizing Chinese culture. Below are some OSUL resources on van Gulik’s works and his perspectives on Chinese culture:

Studies and books by van Gulik include:

One of van Gulik’s  works is a series of detective novels named “Judge Dee Mysteries”, of which he borrowed the main character: Judge Dee, from a 18th-century Chinese detective novel “Dee Goong An”(狄公案).

OSUL has much of this mystery fiction written by Robert Van Gulik. Here are a few titles: