Keywords: series, complicated series

Especially for some Japanese publications, one encounters complicated series. The complicities exist in (1) there are sub series titles; (2) one title are splitted into many different volumes, but not published (which means, not received) in the same year. Therefore, one must check the catalog and integrate latter issued volumes with earlier volumes for the same title.


The Japanese series title 史料纂集 (Shiryō sanshū) has sub series titles including 史料纂集. 古文書編 (Shiryō sanshū. Komonjo hen) and 史料纂集. [古記錄編] (Shiryō sanshū. [Kokiroku hen])
香取大禰宜家日記 (Katori Ōnegi-ke nikki) DS803.S2 K34 has 3 volumes
梵舜日記 (Shunkyūki) DS803.S2 B6 has 8 volumes