A hush falls on the Cartoon Library Blog.

But wait, what’s that sound? Thousands, no, millions of comics being sorted, packed, and prepared for a new home. Stickers being stuck on boxes. Measuring tape reeling. Blueprints being checked twice, three times, and once more again. No, a few more times still. Actually, let’s make copies of the blueprints for everyone to take home to read before bed each night, just to be sure everything is in place.

The doors to the space we’ve called home for the past 23 years officially closed to the public last week. Our exhibit has come down, and our office walls have been made bare of every cut-out Calvin & Hobbes strip, postcards from past students, and kind notes from folks who have been inspired by our collections. Even Aflred E. Neuman‘s head has been packed away.

The final finishing touches are being put on our new home in Sullivant Hall, and on our most recent walk-through of the facility, the potential for exhibits, programming, parties, and better ways to serve patrons seemed limitless. Over the next few weeks we’ll be moving in, setting up, and settling in- with our reading room doors set to re-open on September 9th.

During this busy time for us, the blog will be updated a bit less frequently, but we hope you will still continue to check in for updates on our 2013 Grand Opening Festival of Cartoon Art, and on our Twitter and Facebook page for photos along the way during the transition.

We look forward to returning to our regularly scheduled highlights from the collection when we are settled in to our new home, as well as updates on new programming, exhibits, and everything else that lies ahead in this new era for the Cartoon Library. Until then, stay tuned, dear readers!

I think we need a bigger box.

I think we need a bigger box.