By Kat Weddell

There’s nothing like finally working up the motivation to start studying, making the trek to Thompson Library, only to find your favorite study spot taken and the Buckeye Reading Room filled to capacity. Still hopeful, you walk the short distance to 18th Ave Library, and discover even more people there. 

Being the smart, studious student that you are, you consult the Ask a Friend blog. Here’s some study spots in and around campus that promise relative quiet and minimal human interaction for those long hours of studying:

Architecture Library: Knowlton Hall offers great views, cool architecture, the KSA cafe, and a library perfect for studying. The Architecture Library is a 2-story glass box with seating for 40 at tables and a classical chair collection. With a view to the roof garden, the library also provides a reflective space away from the work environment of the design studios.

Geology Library: located in Orton Hall, the Geology Library offers an expansive collection of books on geochemistry, physical geography, and aspects of geology along with a quiet place to study in one of the university’s most historical buildings. The library includes big tables with room to spread out your notes and grind through that 14 page paper due the next day.

Fine Arts Library: While it may be somewhat difficult to find, that’s the beauty of the Fine Arts Library. Located in the basement of The Wexner Center for the Arts, the Fine Arts Library is probably one of the quietest places on campus. The entrance to the library is separate from the entrance to the Wexner Center. The front door to the library is located off the north/south exterior walkway framed by the white steel scaffolding. Enter the door marked “Fine Arts Library,” and take the stairs or lobby elevator to the lower level.

Basement of Mack Hall: Most dorms will have some kind of studying accommodations in their basements, but Mack Hall is my favorite. Their basement offers framed-in desks to reduce distractions and a group of regulars who ensure the space stays quiet.  

Kennedy Commons: If you are able to catch KComm outside of its peak hours, you’ll find a great place to study that includes an unlimited food supply. As someone who likes a table to study at, KComm is a great place to spread out and get through 3 weeks worth of Accounting video lectures.

12th Ave Bread Co. Loft: This is probably one of the least known places on Ohio State’s campus. Above 12th Ave Bread Co sits a loft filled with plush couches and tables. The natural light from numerous windows and skylights allows for a less bleak studying experience and chances are few other people will be there to bother you.

The Map Room @ Thompson: A little known room at Thompson is the Map Room located on the 2nd Floor. Containing about 300,000 map sheets, this is a great room to go to if you need a topographical map, or enjoy a study room with big windows and spacious tables.

Thompson Library Stacks 4-10: While the Grand Reading Room and Buckeye Reading Room may always seem full, Thompson also offers the stacks tower. Each floor (4-10) has groupings of tables for student use and many of the floors get limited traffic, making them an ideal study spot.

Biological Sciences/Pharmaceutical Library: Lastly, we have BPL. This library, located on John Herrick Dr, offers books covering a wide range if subject areas and a two story building lined with windows. The friendly staff, comfy tables/chairs, and airy feel of the building make this an ideal study spot.

As you can see, your study spot options extend fair beyond the heavily trafficked areas into lesser known gems. Good luck studying and Happy Finals Week!


Katherine Weddell

The Ohio State University

Pre-Business Major | Spanish Minor