Poster printing can be a bit of a hassle, it is expensive, it is important in your scholarly pursuits, and the poster is just big and awkward.

So in order to help you reduce the stress of printing a poster, I will give you all the details about where to print a poster around Ohio State’s Campus.

  1. The Digital Union at Stillman Hall (room 145)
    • Max Dimensions: 36”X Infinity (only the width is fixed)
    • Cost:  about $2 per square foot
    • Payment: BuckID
    • Phone: 614-292-2794
  2. The Resource Room at the Ohio Union (2nd Floor)
    • Max Dimensions: 24”x31”
    • Cost: $2.88 per square foot
    • Payment: BuckID or for Student Orgs- direct to club budget
    • Phone: 614-292-8763
  3. UniPrint at Ohio Union (1st floor in Station 88)
    • Max Dimensions: 44”xinfinity (only width is fixed)
    • Cost: $3 per square foot ( the cost is high because of the high quality paper used)
    • Payment: BuckID, Credit, Cash, eRequest
    • Phone:614-292-2219
  4. Thompson Library (Room 160)
    • Max Dimensions: 36”x48”
    • Cost: $1.07 per square foot (cheapest out of all, but also lowest quality)
    • Payment: BuckID
    • Phone: 614-247-4577
  5. Health Sciences Library Medical Visuals (Suite 410)
    • Dimensions: definitely goes up to 56”x36”
    • Cost: $6 per square foot
    • Payment: Cash, Personal Checks, eRequest
    • Phone: 614-292-8034
  6. Uniprint Main Office
    • Cost: $2 per square foot
    • Phone: 614-292-2000
    • Email:

I hope this information is useful to you!