Herbert Atkinson, c1920

Atkinson, c1920

This April Fool’s Day, we bring you some bits of OSU history you’ll have to read about to believe!

Herbert Atkinson

Alumnus and Board of Trustee member Herbert Atkinson was so tied to the OSU campus that he requested Bricker Hall as his final resting place, and got his wish! Read more about it in a past blog post.





Marie the Elephant

Students often threaten to run off and join the circus, but how often do animals leave the circus for OSU? Well, Marie the elephant did. In 1981 she took ill and was transferred to the College of Veterinary Medicine’s clinic where she later died. The story just gets stranger after that! Read more about it in the transcript from then Physical Plant director Dean Ramsey’s oral history and our web exhibit for the 40th anniversary of the University Archives.



Home Ec baby, 1946

Home Ec baby, 1946

Home Ec Babies

You think your classes were stressful? Well, Home Ec students of the past were tasked with the care of a human infant, with all the responsibilities that come along with it! Read more about it in a recent blog post.



Maudine, 1926

Maudine, 1926

Queen Maudine

Perhaps one of the best pieces of OSU lore is Maudine Ormsby, the 1926 Homecoming Queen. And yes, she is the one with the spots. How did OSU end up with a cow as its Homecoming Queen? Simple: election fraud. In 1926 OSU’s student enrollment was less than 10,000, and for the election only 3,000 ballots were printed. However 12,000 votes for Homecoming Queen were submitted. Hmmmm…

Unfortunately, Maudine was unable to attend the Homecoming festivities; she was declared “too valuable” to risk an appearance. The Homecoming Committee had to settle for two boys in a cow costume.


Hand Grenades

Sneak preview: You’ll have to wait a few days to find out what hand grenades (but, alas, not horseshoes) had to do with track meets of old, but we think it’s worth the wait!

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