Our second post for our annual “Twelve Days” take-off continues the first post’s musical theme, since we focus today on a song that most of us could – and some of us probably do – hum in our sleep: “The Buckeye Battle Cry.”

Cover of “The Buckeye Battle Cry” sheet music, 1919

For all you fans of the song – and who isn’t? – did you know that it is older than Ohio Stadium? The first reference to the song was in the December 1919/January 1920 edition of the Alumni Monthly. While short on details, it did say that the song, written by OSU student Frank Crumit, had won a prize in the spring of 1919.

By the fall of that year, students were singing it at games (at the Old Ohio Field), and copies of the lyrics were distributed at the Ohio Union by the student group, Boost Ohio. Boost Ohio raised money for a number of student endeavors, such as arts events and student projects. Frank Crumit signed over the proceeds and the copyright of the song to Boost Ohio, once it was recorded.

Frank Crummit, no date

When Boost Ohio disbanded in 1927, all of its funds and property were transferred to the Student Senate.

But enough about finances, let’s all take a moment from our busy day and sing along to one of the greatest fight songs ever (for those of you working in quiet offices, you might want to do this just in your head):





Buckeye Battle Cry

In old Ohio (Columbus) there’s a team,
That’s known thru-out the land;
Eleven warriors, brave and bold,
Whose fame will ever stand,
And when the ball goes over,
Our cheers will reach the sky,
Ohio Field will hear again
The Buckeye Battle Cry.


Drive! Drive on down the field;
Men of the scarlet and gray;
Don’t let them thru that line,
We’ve got to win this game today,
Come on, Ohio!
Smash thru to victory,
We’ll cheer you as you go;
Our honor defend
So we’ll fight to the end
For Ohio.

We’ll scatter to the east and west,
When college days are done;
And memories will cling around,
The dreams of everyone;
We’ll play the game of living,
With head and shoulders high!
And where in wear the spirit of
The Buckeye Battle Cry!

Repeat Chorus

Sheet music for “The Buckeye Battle Cry,” 1919