University Archives

About the University Archives

Established in 1965, the University Archives serves as the official memory of The Ohio State University.

Since its establishment, the Archives has collected more than 30,000 linear feet of manuscripts materials and maintains roughly two million photograph, images, and other visual material. The Archives has a wide variety of materials to help researchers create their own interpretations of Ohio State history.

Historical and Primary Resource Disclaimer

The Ohio State University has digitized some of its historically significant content for use by scholars, students and the public. These materials should be examined as part of the historical record. Some of these primary sources contain content that is now considered unacceptable and offensive. This historical context reminds us that we must continually strive for greater sensitivity, respect and inclusion. The unacceptable content in these records is not endorsed by the university.

Ohio State is committed to its shared values of integrity, transparency and trust, and its understanding that diversity and inclusion are essential components of our excellence.

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