The Two Cultures (2006):

Science and Religion in the Age of Darwin

In November, 2006, the College of Biological Sciences at The Ohio state University assembled a panel of distinguished scientists from around the country.  A panel discussion was held for the general public on November 2, 2006. The panelists included:

  • Edward Larson, University of Georgia
  • Owen Gingerich, Harvard University
  • Holmes Rolston, Colorado State University
  • John Haught, Georgetown University

Each individual panelist also gave a separate talk on campus that week.

Brief History of the Evolution Teaching Controversy (Edward Larson)


How Galileo Changed the Rules of Science (Owen Gingerich)


Generating Life on Earth: Six Looming Questions (Holmes Rolston)


God After Darwin: Can Faith and Evolution be Reconciled? (John Haught)


Sponsored by The Ohio State University College of Biological Sciences