Patricia Princehouse

Patricia Princehouse teaches Evolutionary Biology, and the History & Philosophy of Science at Case Western Reserve University, where she is co-director of the College Scholars Program, and has won many teaching awards. Her scientific work concerns primate evolution, and she has done museum and fieldwork in North America, Europe, and Africa.

Recently she has turned to the digital organisms of "artificial life" programs as a way of testing elements of evolutionary theory. Her historical and philosophical work concerns concepts and controversies in macroevolutionary theory, and more broadly, how scientific thinking differs from other forms of knowledge production. Her dissertation reperiodized the history of evolutionary thought since Darwin, and clarified the actors and characteristics of the hitherto unrecognized German Synthesis and its impact on late twentieth-century models of evolution and extinction.

Believing firmly that academics must not isolate themselves from the public square, Dr. Princehouse has become a major voice in the struggle to secure the integrity of science education in America's public schools. Interviewed frequently in the national and international press, she helped found Ohio Citizens for Science and Help Ohio Public Education. She serves on the board of these and other organizations, including the Campaign to Defend the Constitution, and helped advise the plaintiffs' legal team in the 2005 Kitzmiller v Dover trial. Her work has won recognition and awards including Ohio Magazine's Educational Excellence Award, the 2006 Hefner First Amendment Award, and the 2003 "Friend of Darwin" Award from the National Center for Science Education.

Dr. Princehouse earned a M.A. in Biological Anthropology from Yale University, and a PhD from Harvard University, working with Everett Mendelsohn, Richard Lewontin, and Stephen Jay Gould.

More to Read and View:

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