Intersection of Faith and Evolution:

A Civil Dialogue (2007)

Can science support religious views?  Where do science and religion overlap?  How is religion compatible with scientific thinking?  On November 14, 2007, a panel of invited speakers discussed this topic at WOSU@COSI studios at COSI-Columbus. The speakers included:

  • Francis Collins, Former Director of the National Human Genome Research Institute
  • Jeffrey McKee, OSU Department of Anthropology
  • Patricia Princehouse, Case Western Reserve University Department of Philosophy
  • David Ruppe, a scholar of religion.

The panel was moderated by WOSU's Fred Anderle.

Some reactions to the panel can be found at Websites for the Columbus Dispatch, Answers in Genesis, and Panda's Thumb.

Dr. Collins also delivered a lecture on campus at OSU on November 14th.

Dr. Collins was also a guest on WOSU-AM's Open Line on Friday, November 9th. The segment with him begins 24 minutes into the program.

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These events were also sponsored by the Department of Entomology, College of Medicine, College of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, the Institute for Collaborative Research and Public Humanities, the OSU-Newark Campus, the Office of the President, and Project GRO.