Vision, Mission, Strategic Themes


Advance student  and faculty success.
Deliver distinctive content.
Foster intellectual connections.


The Ohio State University Libraries is a dynamic partner and campus leader in advancing discovery and learning for OSU, for the state of Ohio, and for an ever expanding community of world scholars. 

We create, acquire, organize, disseminate, and preserve scholarship in traditional and digital forms; we foster an environment conducive to academic inquiry, scholarly communication, creative achievement, and lifelong learning; we help students become information literate and globally aware; and we contribute to the University’s drive to eminence in teaching, research, and service.

Strategic Themes

Services: Develop and refine user-centered services which integrate libraries and library faculty and staff into environments where users work and interact.

Collections: Manage the evolution of the Libraries’ information resources to match the needs and behaviors of users, and to reflect the changing technologies and practices in publishing, research, and teaching.

Library as Intellectual Crossroads: Enhance the Libraries’ place as a cultural, social and intellectual crossroads – a physical and virtual place for cultivating intellectual inquiry and the development of critical thinking skills, promoting academic discourse, and fostering lifelong learning and knowledge enhancement.

Innovative Leadership: Establish the Libraries as a national leader in the integration of intellectual content and services within the larger world of ideas and knowledge.

Infrastructure: Foster a supportive, respectful and diverse work environment that utilizes and develops the best talents of the Libraries’ faculty and staff.  Establish an organizational culture which embraces innovation and change, promotes continued improvement, and judiciously allocates its resources to support the University’s strategic needs.