Knowledge Bank Instructions:
School of Earth Sciences Poster Presentations

Instructions for submitting to the School of Earth Sciences Poster Presentations collection in the Knowledge Bank. If you have questions or problems with the procedures below, please send a message to




1. Register with the Knowledge Bank. You can do steps 1 to 4 any time during the semester that you intend to submit your poster to the Knowledge Bank.

  • Go to:
  • Click on "Register" in the left-hand column under "My Account"
  • On the registration screen that displays, type in your OSU email address and click on [Register].

2. Check your email and set your password for the Knowledge Bank.

  • Retrieve messages from your OSU email address.
  • You will receive an email from the Knowledge Bank that contains a link to a web page in the Knowledge Bank that allows you to set your password.
  • Click on that link and set your password.

Note: The email you receive is generated by the system and not a person so if you have questions, please email us at

3. Check to see if you can log into your account

  • Go back to:
  • Click on "Login" under "My Account"
  • Type in your email address and password and click "sign in". A screen should display that reads "Submissions & workflow tasks".
  • Click on "Logout" to log out.

 4. Fill out the web form below and click on [Submit] to inform the Knowledge Bank staff that you have registered. They will authorize you to submit your poster to the appropriate collection. Knowledge Bank staff will send you an e-mail when you have been authorized. If you have not heard back from Knowledge Bank staff within two business days, please email

Once authorized, when you click on "start a new submision" after logging in you will see the name of your Poster Presentations collection in the "Select a collection" dropdown on the "Select a collection" screen. Before you are authorized this collection will not be available.


5. Convert your poster to PDF format. (Microsoft PowerPoint files will not be accepted.)

Note: Please do not use spaces or special characters in your PDF filename. Spaces and special characters — such as [ , ] , ( , ) , ! , é , and ü — can prevent access to your poster via the web once it is in the Knowledge Bank. Examples of properly named PDFs include: your_name_poster.pdf, name_poster_20090602.pdf. Also, please remember that the filename of your poster will be visible to the general public.

6. Submit your poster to the Knowledge Bank.

 NOTE: During the submission process, you will be asked whether you are requesting an embargo (or delayed dissemination) for your poster.

Note: As a repository for digital assets, OSU's Knowledge Bank acts as a permanent archive. All items submitted remain as is at the time of submission, just as books once published remain in the form in which they were printed. PDF files once placed in the Knowledge Bank will not be modified.

Problems? Email us at

7. Your work is done but it may take the Knowledge Bank staff 2 to 3 business days to add your poster to the Knowledge Bank. The system will send an email to you when it has been added informing you of the web address of your poster. Items in the Knowledge Bank are indexed by Google but it may take two weeks before you will be able to find it in Google.