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The Library Research Prize has been suspended pending review and will not be offered for the 2014-15 academic year.


About the Prize

The University Libraries Research Prize is awarded annually to at least one Ohio State University undergraduate student. Students enrolled in any upper division undergraduate course (3000 or above) in either fall or spring semester  are eligible to participate. Submissions are accepted at any time before the due date posted above. Students consult with a librarian and their course instructor during the research process to produce an award winning project. Submissions are judged by the Libraries' Teaching and Learning Committee along with an undergraduate student, according to criteria described below. A prize of $1,000 will also be presented ($750 for the student author; $250 for the instructor). Winning projects will be submitted to the Library Research Prize Collection in the OSU Knowledge Bank repository, where they will have a permanent home and Web address. This site is also indexed by Google, so projects are available to a worldwide audience.


How to Participate

When your instructor assigns a research project that will involve using library or Web information resources:

1. Contact and meet with a librarian to develop a research plan. Librarians who serve various disciplines/departments are listed at: Consultation with this librarian is encouraged throughout the research process.

2. Complete the student submission form and send it to us, along with:

3.  Ask your instructor to complete and send the faculty assessment form.

Review Criteria

The Committee considers the following when judging submissions:

  • Instructor's assessment of project quality;
  • Appropriate use of library and other information resources, as reflected in the bibliography and cover letter;
  • Quality of the cover letter in terms of reflecting the research process and the importance of the project to you;

    Student applicants should send their documents electronically to the contact listed below before the deadline.  The instructor must send the faculty assessment form electronically by email or FAX.  We will confirm receipt of submissions, notify applicants of missing components, but it is the applicant's responsibility to insure that all required documents are received before the deadline.


    Where to Send Submissions

    Karen Diaz
    Head of Teaching & Learning
    University Libraries
    Phone: (614)247-6057 | Fax: (614)292-7859