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This page lists useful resources for researching Africa, especially from African perspectives

General Reference

Studying Africa: A Guide to the Sources

Non-OSU Resources 

News and Media

Africa Renewal (UN Department of Public Information)
Africa South of the Sahara, Stanford University (newspapers)
Africa South of the Sahara, Stanford University (online radio)
Think Africa Press




Africa is a Country
The Zeleza Post
Timbuktu Chronicles

Kenyan Pundit
SocioLingo Africa
Global Voices Online
Top Ranked Blogs in Africa
Pambazula News- Blogging Africa
Black Looks
100 Best Blogs for Learning about Africa
White African


Statistics in Africa (World Bank)
African Statistical Journal

Afristat (in French)
Insights Africa
Demographic and Health Surveys


British Library for Development Studies
Africa South of the Sahara

Africa Portal


Politics, Government and Finance


IMF Country Reports

AfriMAP: African Standards (Treaties, Protocols etc)

Political History of Africa 1900 -2011(Interactive map by The Guardian Newspaper)

African Centre for Democracy and Human Rights Studies

Africa Progress Panel

Africa Democracy Forum

African Elections Database

(Tony Blair) African Governance Initiative

Africa Leadership Forum

The African Leadership & Progress Network

African Presidential Archives and Research Center (Boston University)

Africa South of the Sahara Portal 

This is Africa (A Financial Times publication)

Association of African Central Banks Economy, Business and Finance


Video and Music/Dance Sites

AfroPop Worldwide
Shifting Traces: Dance and Technology in and Outside Africa
TedTalks Relating to Africa

University Sites

Boston University Libraries
Columbia University Libraries
Indiana University Libraries
Michigan State University Libraries
Northwestern University Libraries
Ohio State University
University of Wisconsin-Madison