UN, EU Documents & International Treaties

United Nations

OSU Libraries owns thousands of UN documents on microfiche (1982-present) arranged by the UN document number and many in print appearing the library catalog.  The microfiche are located in Thompson Library, Room 215 (2nd Floor).  The OSU Law Library also owns a large collection of UN documents.  The databases below will lead to information, full documents or citations to documents with the document number. UN documents, 1954-1981, are also available.

     United Nations Official Document System (ODS) 1946-present     Covers all types of official United Nations (UN) documentation. ODS provides access to the resolutions of the General Assembly, Security Council, Economic and Social Council, and Trusteeship Council.

     Browse documents at UN documents web page
     Covers the General Assembly, Security Council and producers

     United Nations Voting Records database  1946-present
     Includes the General Assembly and the Security Council 

     Speeches at the U.N.
     Find citations and links to text of speeches made in the General Assembly (38th session,1983-present), the Security Council (38th year, 1983-), the Economic and Social Council (1983-present) and the Trusteeship Council (15th special session,1982-present).

     Human Development Reports
     Full text often available on regions and countries
     Human Development Statistics  
     Statistics on regions and countries
     Population Information Network
     Data on population and development indicators

     United Nations Treaty Collection

European Union

Check the library catalog for EU documents in the collection

European Union Homepage

EU Documents

Archive of European Integration (Selected conference papers, articles, EU documents)

European Union Law  (See under link to International Law in left column)

Provides information about EU institutions and policies based on the book series Access to European Union located at the Law Library.


United States

US Multilateral Diplomacy, 19th-20th centuries

US Bilateral Diplomacy, 18th-20th centuries

US Other Treaties (look up "treaties" in subject list)

Treaties and Other International Agreements of the United States of America, 1776-1949. 
Also in print at JX236 1968 in HIS. See also Treaty Series, JX235.9A3 in Depository (TIAS 555-994)

United States Treaties and other International Agreements (1950-1983/84; TIAS 2010-11059)  Also in print at JX236 1968 in HIS.  See also Treaty Series, JX235.9A3 in Depository (TIAS 555-994).

Additional TIAS treaties 1984--   (TIAS 11060- )
Also in print at
 JX235.9 .A32 in Depository and THO Bound Journals (TIAS 12735-12854 only).

US Treaty Documents since 1975/76 (94th) Congress-

US Treaty Actions 1997-

US Treaties in Force (guide to all current treaties)

Other Treaty Series

United Nations Treaty Collection

Peace Agreements Digital Collection (U.S. Institute of Peace; full text of peace related treaties)

UK Treaties Online
Find full text and/or references to treaties of the United Kingdom since 1835.  Full text is available for treaties published in "Treaty Series" of Command Papers.  For information on finding full text of treaties that do not have pdf links in the database, consult Guide to UK Treaty Series.