Latest Earthquakes in the World  This U.S. Geological Survey website has real time data and links to information and maps.

Earthquake Preparedness  Earthquakes have been happening for millions of years. These natural occurrences can wreak havoc on cities and towns, especially on people who are not properly prepared. Understanding earthquakes as well as their effects can help people better survive and thrive when one happens.

Understanding Earthquakes   This website is designed to communicate information about earthquakes to the general public. It features a brief history of seismology to 1910, animations of stress along a fault line, a quiz, and personal accounts of earthquakes from Mark Twain, Jack London, Charles Darwin, and John Muir. Also includes links to related sites. From the Institute for Crustal Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara.

Earthquakes for Kids (USGS Education web site)  Includes games, puzzles, science fair projects, animations, pictures, glossary, career information and more.

Ohio's earthquake monitoring network (OhioSeis)   The Ohio Seismic Network (OhioSeis) consists of 29 cooperative, volunteer-operated seismic stations at colleges, universities, and other institutions across the state, that are coordinated by the Ohio Geological Survey.