Open Access Veterinary Medicine Journals

Below are links to English-language open access journals in veterinary medicine.  The articles in these journals from the given time ranges are freely available to anyone.

Acta veterinaria (Belgrade) (Serbia. Open access 2002-current)
Acta veterinaria Brno (Czech Republic. Open access 1978-current)
Acta veterinaria Scandinavica (UK. Open access 2001-current)
American journal of animal and veterinary sciences (US. Open access 2006-current)
Annual review of biomedical sciences (Brazil. Open access 1999-current)
Avian pathology (US. Open access 1972-2 years ago)
Bangladesh journal of veterinary medicine (Bangladesh. Open access 2003-current)
Bangladesh veterinarian (Bangladesh. Open access 2008-current)
BMC veterinary research (UK. Open access 2005-current)
Bulgarian journal of veterinary medicine (Bulgaria. Open access 2005-current)
Case reports in veterinary medicine (Egypt. Open access 2011-current)
Canadian journal of animal science (Canada. Open access 1957-2 years ago)
Canadian journal of veterinary research (Canada. Open access 1937-current)
Compendium - continuing education for veterinarian (US. Open access 2000-current)
Compendium equine edition (US. Open access 2006-1 year ago)
Emerging infectious diseases (US. Open access 1997-current)
Experimental animals (Japan. Open access 1995 current)
Fishery bulletin (US. Open access 1999-current)
Global veterinaria (Pakistan. Open access 2008-current)
Human and veterinary medicine (Romania. Open access 2009-current)
Frontiers in zoology (Germany. Open access 2004-current)
International archives of medicine (UK. Open access 2008-current)
International journal of applied research in veterinary medicine (US. Open access 2001-current)
International journal of animal and veterinary advances (UK. Open access 2009-current)
International journal of poultry science (Pakistan. 2002-current)
International zoo news (UK. Open access 1998-current)
Internet journal of veterinary medicine  (US. Open access 2002-current)
Investigative ophthalmology & visual science (US. Open access 1962-1 year ago)
Iraqi journal of veterinary sciences (Iraq. Open access 2008-current)
Irish veterinary journal (UK. Open access 2004-current)
Israel journal of veterinary medicine (Israel. Open access 1998-current)
ISRN veterinary science (Egypt. Open access 2011-current)
Italian journal of animal science (Italy. Open access 2002-current)
Japanese journal of veterinary research (Japan. Open access 1953-current)
Journal of animal and veterinary advances (Pakistan. Open access 2005-current)
Journal of animal science (US. Open access 1910-1 year ago)
Journal of equine science (Japan. Open access 1994-current)
Journal of open access animal physiology (UK. Open access 2010-current)
The journal of poultry science (Japan. Open access 2002-current)
Journal of veterinary diagnostic investigation (US. Open access 1989-1 year ago)
Journal of reproduction and development (Japan. Open access 1995-current)
Journal of veterinary medical science (Japan. Open access 1997-current)
Journal of veterinary science (South Korea. Open access 2000-current)
Journal of wildlife diseases (US. Open access 1965-1 year ago)
Onderstepoort journal of veterinary research (South Africa. Open access 2003-current)
Open journal of animal sciences (US. Open access 2011-current)
Open veterinary journal (Libya. Open access 2011-current)
Open veterinary science journal (US. Open access 2007-current)
Pakistan veterinary journal (Pakistan. Open access 2005-current)
Revista Brasileira de parasitologia veterinária (Brazil. Open access 2010-current)
Revista Colombiana de ciencias pecuarias (Colombia. Open access 2006-current)
Slovenian veterinary research (Slovenia. Open access 2001-current)
Turkish journal of veterinary and animal sciences (Turkey. Open access 1996-current)
Vet scan (India. Open access 2008-current)
Veterinaria Italiana (Italy. Open access 2004-current)
Veterinaria Mexico (Mexico. Open access 1999-current)
Veterinární medicína (Czech Republic.  Open access 2001-current)
Veterinary medicine international (US. Open access 2010-current)
Veterinary pathology (US. Open access 1964-1 year ago)
Veterinary research (UK. Open access 1970-current)
Veterinary research forum (Iran. Open access 2010-current)
Veterinary science development (Italy. Open access 2011-current)
Veterinary sciences tomorrow (Netherlands. Open access 2001-current)
Veterinary technician (US. Open access 2005-current)
Veterinary therapeutics (US. Open access 2000-current)
Veterinary world (India. Open access 2008-current)
World animal health: Scientific and technical review (France. Open access 2001-current)

Updated February 2014