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Below you will find images of items in the display case and information about them. These are items on which music has been stored over the years plus a metronome.

ItemImageDescriptionMore Information
Phonograph Cylinder phonographic cylinder
Year Invented: 1877
Materials: Tinfoil, wax, celluloid
Important Names: Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell
Cylinder Recordings: A Primer
78 rpm Records 78 RPM record
Year Invented: 1898
Materials: shellac, vinyl
The history of 78 RPM recordings
LP (33 1/3 rpm) LP


Year Invented: 1948
Material: polyvinyl chloride
Important Names: Columbia Records
Other: 33 1/3 rpm
Vinyl Records: LPs and 45s
Reel to Reel Tape reel-to-reel
Year Invented: 1948
Material: magnetic tape (cellulose acetate, iron oxide)
Important Names: Poulsen, Pfleumer, Allgemeine Elektrizitatsgesellschaft, BASF
The History of Magnetic Recording
8 Track Cassette 8 track
Year Invented: 1965
Material: magnetic tape in a plastic cartridge
Important Names: Bill Lear
Other: Also known as Stereo 8
The History of the 8-track Tape
Audio Cassette audio cassette
Year Invented: 1961
Material: magnetic tape in a plastic cartridge
Important Names: Philips
Also known as: compact cassette
From Poulsen to Plastic: A Survey of Recordable Magnetic Media
Compact Disc CD
Year Invented: 1980
Material: polycarbonate plastic, metal (usually aluminum, sometimes gold)
Important Names: Philips, Sony
Also known as: CD
Molecular Expressions: History of the Compact Disc
Metronome metronome

Year patented: 1815

Important names: Johann Maelzel

Info on Maelzel's patent

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