Dian Belanger Interviews

Aldrich, Kenneth E. - Chief Medical Corpsman

Baker, David E. - Camp’s communications officer and parachuting dogsled driver

Baronick, Michael P. - Aviation ordnance chief

Beckett, William T. - Utilitiesman, first class

Bentley, Charles R. - Geophysicist

Bergstrom, James H. - Executive Officer of the wintering-over party

Bevilacqua, Charles A. - Chief builder for the McMurdo base

Bowers, Richard A. - Structural engineer

Cavendish, Lynn M. - Civil engineer

Chaudoin, Robert L. - Handled correspondence.

Dalrymple, Paul C. - IGY micrometeorologist

Dalton, Brian C. - Physician and officer-in-charge of Byrd Station

Davis, Clinton - Bosun's mate on the Glacier

Davis, Walter L. - Mechanic at Ellsworth Station

Dewart, Gilbert - Geophysicist

Ehrlich, Edward N. - Member of the medical corps

Hatch, Ross - Operations Officer on the Glacier

Hess, William T. - Chief storekeeper

Honkala, Rudolf A. - IGY weather observer and deputy scientific leader

Jaburg, Conrad J. - Pilot

Lett, H. Kim - Seabee equipment operator

Levack, Herbert - Pilot and the operations officer

Littlewood, William H. - Senior oceanographer

Lucier, Richard E. - In charge of administrative paperwork

Mehaffey, Donald C. - Wintering supply officer

Montgomery, Thomas T. - Radioman

Moss, George - Surveyor chief and navigator

Noonan, Paul F. - Photographer

Porter, Philip W.  - Captain of the Glacier

Randall, John A. - Construction mechanic

Shinn, Conrad “Gus” - Pilot

Slaton, Charles M. - Chief construction mechanic

Smith, Philip M. - Crevasse expert

Stroup, William E. - Chief electrician for Little America and Byrd Station

Thomson, Robert B. - IGY radio operator and electronics technician on Campbell Island

Toney, George, R. - US Weather Bureau Arctic logistics specialist

Waldron, Kenneth L. - Navy electrician

Ward, Edward M. - Pilot

Young, Victor - Little America’s operations officer

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