The following message is from OhioLINK.  Alhtough OhioLINK keeps copies of most e-journals on their servers, most publishers allow OSU users to access journals directly from their site.  (Requests must originate from an OSU IP address or use this bookmarklet to access from off-campus:

TOMORROW: EJC Service Status on 10/6 Reminder

 As previously announced, the Electronic Journal Center (EJC) will be cutting over to the new platform on Thursday, Oct. 6 at 9:30 a.m. This change will provide you with a more stable, robust environment.  We anticipate the downtime will be brief; however it could take up to 90 minutes or longer.  We realize that system down time impacts your ability to seamlessly serve your patrons. By scheduling this during normal business hours, people who might be needed to respond to any hiccups during the cutover are available and standing by to assist if needed.