We are helping the BI Carton Library and Museum to catalog some cartoon or pictorial books, mostly in Chinese with a few in Korean and Japanese. The locations of these items are very complicated, which add complexity to the cataloging procedures:

  1. Regular CGA streamers should get a “cgas” location; RAR/STX3 streamers should get “sprs” location.
  2. SFACA is a collection within CGA. It stands for San Francisco Academy of Cartoon Art. The SFACA items need a “590 _ _ OSU’s copy 1 from the San Francisco Academy of Comic Art, Bill Blackbeard, Director.”; and a “793 0_ San Francisco Academy of Comic Art Collection.” Location code for SFACA is “cgas.”
  3. ASKC is the Arn Saba/Katherine Collins Collection, also part of CGA (cgas location code). These will get a “590 _ _ OSU’s copy 1 forms part of the Arn Saba/Katherine Collins Collection” and a “793 0_ Arn Saba/Katherine Collins Collection.”
  4. Leave all streamers in the items, even if you use a new streamer for the call number and barcode.
  5. Send the CGA items directly to CGA; Send all Thompson RAR items back to Misty for review.
  6. If there’s a gift badge pasted on the inner cover page, we need to add a gift note and donor entry to the Bib record.