The is an experiment on having staff/student workers to assist the RDA test at a small scale. This is NOT meant for RDA training or implementation.


  • If an AACR2 record is found on Connexion (WorldCat) for the same title and edition you have in hand, (1) do NOT create a new RDA record and (2) do NOT replace that master record. In this case, you update holdings, edit that record to make it an RDA record, and then export/overlay to OSU catalog. (This will avoid duplicates based on cataloging codes)
  • If no record has been created for the title you have in hand, you can create a RDA record.
  • In case both AACR2 and RDA records are found for the title you have in hand, choose the RDA one.


Type is g; Blvl is m; Desc is i; Elvl is k; Form is blank; TMat is v

— Some new practices include

  • The 040 has $e rda as an indication of RDA record
  • Title [spelled/transcribed as how it appears]
  • The h subfield or GMD in 245 is replaced by the following three fields:
    336 two-dimensional moving image $2 rdacontent
    337 video $2 rdamedia
    338 videodisc $2 rda carrier
  • Statement of responsibility [can include all as appeared on the piece]
  • Publication info [can provide both distribution and copyright date in the c subfield]
    Example: 260 Northhampton, MA : $b Media Education Foundation, $c [2001], ©2001
  • Extent [spell out in b subfield; use 12 cm instead of 4 3/4 in.]
    Example: 300 1 videodisc (49 min., 56 sec.) : $b sound, color ; $c 12 cm
  • Name of responsibility field(s), i.e. 700 [can provide role in e subfield(s)]
    700 1_ Jhally, Sut , $e film director, $e film producer
    700 1_ Freeman, Morgan, $d 1937-, $e narrator
    710 2_ Warner Bros., $e film distributor
    710 2_ Warner Independent Pictures, $e production company

Practice in the other fields remained the same as in AACR2

  • 007 Example: $a v $b d $e z $f a $g i $h z $i q
  • 500 [can be used for title not taken from preferred source]
  • 538 [DVD]
  • 546 Language [provide if known]
  • 511 Performer, narrator, presenter
  • 508 Artistic and/or technical credit
  • 520 Summarization note; special features might also goes here