William G. Myers, MD, PhD

In 1940, just one year after Ernest O. Lawrence won the Nobel Prize for his invention of the cyclotron, William Myers attended a lecture by Ernest’s brother John Lawrence on the potential uses of the cyclotron in medicine.  The cyclotron was one of the earliest sub-atomic particle accelerators.  When accelerated particles in the cyclotron struck […]

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Cyclotron Labs

The Cyclotron Labs also called the Industrial X-Ray Laboratory and the Betatron Laboratory were built in 1947. The Cyclotron Labs consisted of two buildings that connected via a tunnel at the basement level. Both buildings had a basement and one story. The buildings were located at 1933 Cannon Drive. The building was never officially named […]

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Nuclear Medicine Equipment Photographs

William G. Myers, MD, PhD Nuclear Medicine Equipment Photographs 1950s William Graydon Myers (1908-1988) a graduate of and professor at The Ohio State University, made many contributions to nuclear medicine and was instrumental in bringing the cyclotron to the Physics Department at Ohio State in 1941.  In 1948, he introduced cobalt-60 as a substitute for […]

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